You will find showers, showers and more showers. A few are out in the open right next the pools, and others are semi-separated within a modest room. But you’re still showering next to other women. And then there’s the sit down-and-shower section, with little tubs for children and detachable showerheads. There’s soap, shampoo and conditioner in big jugs on the ground.

It was a different group of women (it is NYC), and I enjoyed that women could bring their children. I’m imagining children are permitted in the men’s nude section as well, but my male friend said he did not see any. Most of the women looked totally comfortable. We were largely all strangers to each other, but it still had a communal feel to it. I believe women with body image issues could benefit from a spa visit such as this, as I Have asserted in “Why girls should see other women’s nude bodies.” This is an feeling of no judgment or shame. You are able to come as you are, relax and enjoy . And contrary to what you may think about present pubic hair / body hair styles, there were many unshaved girls.
You could easily spend a few hours only in the bare area, but we left to go meet the remaining part of the group after an hour or so. The second and third floors are cloth and coed. To go upstairs, you first need to pick up your uniform, which consists of a pink loose t shirt and long shorts. The men get the same in azure. Conventional gender colours.
The second floor has the food court and various different saunas. In between the 2nd and 3rd floor is a sleeping room with individual beds, for taking naps. The third floor has a roof deck with outdoor heated pools and a sauna. The outdoor facilities are open year round, so you can sit in a hot pool with snow all around! There’s at least one indoor pool also. We tried the outdoor pool first. It was a Saturday, so it was rather packed and near impossible to get your own jet spot. at Spa Castle
I was happy to move out of there when a friend suggested we go try the saunas. Here’s where it got uncomfortable, though. Uniforms are expected on the second floor, even in the saunas. That meant I ‘d to put clothing on over my wet bathing suit to go downstairs. What is more uncomfortable than a wet bathing suit? Dry clothing over a wet bathing suit. Despite sitting in several saunas for a while, my bathing suit took forever to dry, and the garments became instantly damp.
You could return down to the locker room and take off the bathing suit, but this means you must go downstairs and alter every time you want to use the pools or saunas. (No changing rooms on the upper floors.) The uniforms are completely unnecessary for the saunas. It is just forced modesty. This place could be totally naked, and it would make a lot more sense. But this can be the Korean tradition.
Jade Sauna at Spa Castle
The saunas in and of themselves are wonderful though. A few are of the same dome shape, but otherwise they all change in temperature or type. The dome saunas have different interior walls lined with jade stone, gold, mineral salt and others. You can find additionally two infrared saunas and a color therapy sauna where you are able to sit in the aura of different coloured lights. Each sauna is assumed to offer a different healing encounter, and there is an info tablet PC to read about them.
Infrared Sauna at Spa Castle
There are water coolers on each floor where you are able to drink out of miniature paper cups of the thinnest paper imaginable. It is literally a cup of typical printer-paper thickness, but it seems to hold up. I’d brought a reusable water bottle, which would create a lot less garbage, but it’s kind of a trouble to carry one around.
Entry is a flat rate of $50 (the Manhattan place is somewhat more expensive at $65). This offers you access to all the facilities. Your uniform and little towels (hand towels) are included, but everything else is additional. They nickel-and-dime you a little bit, as they say. It is better to bring your own full-size towel, but you may also rent one for $2. It is a barefoot facility, but if you need footwear, you have to purchase their slippers ($5). Beverages (particularly alcoholic) and food are very pricey. Massage services are twice the typical amount. That’s unlucky, as a massage could actually increase the encounter.
Some might say the entry fee is a bit much, but the facilities really are extremely fine. The bathing suit and uniform requirements only place a damper (literally) on the experience. Additionally, with the adherence to the gender binary, what’s a transgender or gender non-conforming person supposed to do? Perhaps they just don’t go to such locations
I ‘d go back, as it’s still among the better health spas. It is an excellent place to hang out with a few friends, chill out and forget about the outside world. I anticipate trying the new Manhattan Spa Castle sometime.
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